Boost Conversion.
Reduce Returns.
Build Your Community.

We recommend fit visuals for

Fit advice
done right.

Vestico combines fit AI & user-generated content to show your shoppers how clothes fit before they buy & collects actionable data throughout their shopping journey.

Fashion’s AI-driven fit and customer intelligence platform

Our products improve the whole buying journey:
from discovery to purchase & beyond.

Fit Match

Solve Sizing

Fit adviser that connects shoppers to their closest body matches to provide personalized size and fit guidance.

Content Carousel

Increase Engagement

Personalized customer fit reviews displayed directly on product pages for increased engagement.

Community Showcase

Boost Discoverability

A dedicated page for discovering and engaging with your products through authentic community-generated content.

Customer Intelligence

Gain Insights

Turn rich data into segmented insight to inform you at each step of the value chain: from buying to manufacturing.

Proven Impact

Supporting your profitability and sustainability goals


Shoppers who use Vestico are more likely to purchase


Shoppers who use Vestico return less


Shoppers who use Vestico spend more

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The Vestico Difference

A better way to shop online

Inspire purchase

Take a leap beyond UGC – inspiring social proof that’s personalized for every shopper.

Solve sizing

Give shoppers personalized fit imagery and insight so they can pick the size that’s right for them.

Decrease returns

Show shoppers how clothes will fit them so there are no more surprises.

Strengthen your community

Spotlight your shoppers, with all their diversity, to strengthen their connection with your brand.

Vestico is a uniquely powerful platform for building purchase confidence.

Vestico Size recommenders UGC widgets AR try-on Size charts
Size & fit insight
Inspires purchase
UX personalization
Social proof
Enables representation
Zero garment measurements required
Customer Analytics

Best-in-class Tech

Intuitive UX

Our team of UX experts built Vestico to be intuitive for digital native shoppers. Optimized for all device configurations, Vestico delivers over 12% engagement rate on your shop.

Advanced customization

Vestico provides customizable elements for every customer touchpoint to match your brand & voice.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Our proprietary matching technology leverages your shoppers’ data points to deliver ultra-personalized recommendations.

Unimpacted loading speed

Vestico loads asynchronously, never impacting your website loading performance.

Lightning fast performance

Vestico's optimized architecture delivers recommendations to your customers within 100ms.

Industry-leading reliability

99.9% uptime of our services guarantees an uninterrupted, consistent experience for your shoppers.

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