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We help shoppers find the right fit through community-generated content and AI-powered body-matching technology.

We recommend fit visuals for

Our Solution

We offer a game-changing solution:
fit insight that makes your customers feel confident and represented.

We show real images of real people, enriched with sizing AI, to deliver:

  • 214% conversion increase
  • 16% returns reduction
  • Inspirational content that drives purchase
  • Representation at scale
  • Rich and actionable insights into your customers’ size and fit data


Showing images of real shoppers, with all their diversity, offers a better way to shop online: without disappointment, gambling on fit, or costly returns.


Moving the average return rate from 35 to 15% through a combination of predictive size and fit technology and consumer behaviour change can deliver 12 million GHG emission savings.
We are on the mission to deliver just that!

Increased Conversion

Images of real shoppers with fit insight inspire confidence and smart purchasing. Shoppers who use Vestico are 215% more likely to make a purchase.

Decreased Returns

7/10 returns are size and fit related - our goal is to change that. A partner reatailer achieved a 16% reduction in returns one month after integrating Vestico.

Rich Insights

We offer you access to on-demand data about your customers’ sizing and fit concerns, so you can make informed decisions about your value chain. Whether you need data to support your buying or manufacturing decisions, Vestico will provide you with analysis of your primary customer and their fit preferences.

Seamless Integration

Vestico seamlessly integrates onto your online platform. Shoppers can find their best fit without ever leaving your website.

  • Customizable to match your brand’s voice and style
  • Zero impact on your platforms loading performance
  • Ultra-fast performance
  • No-code integration

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