Only 1.7% of site visits end in a purchase. And 35% of purchases are returned. Size guides and recommenders aren’t solving the problem. Knowing the right size doesn’t guarantee the shopper will like the fit.

Most shoppers don’t look like the models they see online, so it’s challenging to make the right decisions about size and fit. Or even feel confident enough to hit the buy button.

Vestico uses UGC & AI to show your shoppers how products look on people like them alongside comprehensive sizing insight. Shoppers who see how someone they relate to looks in a product are 10x more likely to buy and 17% less likely to return. It’s inspiration paired with insight for maximized revenue.

More great news? We require ZERO garment specs from you.

Fit Match

Solve Sizing

Put an end to customers buying multiple sizes. Give your shoppers size and fit certainty by showing them how clothes look on people like them. Fit adviser connects shoppers to their closest body matches to provide personalized size and fit guidance.

Content Carousel

Drive Engagement

Deliver 4x more revenue than with standard UGC platforms through the power of personalization. Our AI technology will only display content that is hyper-relevant to your shopper directly on product pages.

Community Showcase

Power Discovery

Enable your shoppers to explore your full product range like never before. AI-driven experience for discovering and engaging with your products through personalized community-driven content.

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