What is vestico?

Four out of ten fashion items we buy online get returned. Why? Because they don’t fit properly. Most of us don’t look like the models we see online, so it’s difficult to make the right decisions about size and fit.

The growing cost of returns is doing significant damage to fashion retailers’ revenue. More importantly, returns are increasing congestion and CO2 emissions, causing irreversible harm to our environment.

Vestico was created to address just that. We integrate onto retailers’ sites to show you how someone with your body measurements looks in what you want to buy. Imagine wanting to buy jeans, and instead of seeing images of the model, you see your body double rocking them. It’s like looking in the mirror before you buy.

What are body doubles?

Body doubles are people who share similar body measurements. In Vestico terms, your body double is a person who shares your height, weight, bust size and age.

How does avoiding returns help save the environment?

Every time a return is avoided, the environmental cost of washing, repackaging, restocking and delivering said order is spared. Not to mention, less clothing ending up in landfill and resulting in less congestion and C02 emissions.

What’s my Fit?

How will my data be used?

When you are shopping, we ask you a few simple questions about your body type so we can match you with your body double. We hope that seeing clothes on real shoppers will help you buy the right fit.

When you are uploading your selfie to Vestico, we display it on the retailer’s e-commerce site and show it to shoppers who share your body type, helping them buy right fit.

How do you match me with my body double?

When you visit one of our partner shops, we ask you a few simple questions to understand your body type. Based on that information, we will find a person who most closely resembles your body shape and type.

Uploading my fit

How long does it take to upload my photos?

Less than one minute!

We’ve made it easy for you to upload your pictures. All you do is complete the questions about your body type, select the pic you want to upload and answer a few simple questions about your purchase.

Do I have to give you my measurements to upload my photo?

Yes, we need your measurements to match your picture with a shopper of a similar body type. But not to worry, there is no need for a ruler or body scan. We only ask for simple things you know on top of your head, like height, weight and age.

How should I take photos?

We’ve compiled a list of best practices for the best looking photo:

  • Always show full body in frame
  • The item should not be covered
  • Mirror selfies are OK
  • Showing your face is optional
  • Be alone in the pic with a clean/clear background
  • Have good lighting

How many photos do I have to upload?

Currently, you can upload one picture per order. There is no limit to the number of orders you can upload photos for.

Should I only take photos if I’m keeping the item?

No, please take photos even if you are planning on returning the item. Someone will find value in seeing garments that don’t fit perfectly, as it can help them buy the right size and prevent returns.

Who is going to see the photos I upload?

Whenever someone matches your body type and is interested in purchasing the item you send us, we will show them your picture alongside crucial information to help them find the right fit. Please refer to our privacy policy for more detailed information.

Are my measurements visible to everyone?

We only display your height and the size of the garment you are wearing. The rest of your measurements are shown as a body match percentage.

What is the body match percentage and how is it calculated?

To protect user privacy, we only display their height and the garment size on the widget. For the rest of the measurements like weight, age, bra size, body type and more, we use a body match percentage to approximate how someone with similar body measurements compares to the users who have uploaded their pictures and fit.

Do I have to go onto the site to upload my photo?

Once you’ve made a purchase with a retailer, you will receive a link that will redirect you to the site where you can upload your photo.


How do I delete my data?

Please send us an email at and include the account information.

I still have other questions

Please send us an email at and we’ll be happy to help you!